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Transporation Areas

Currently for the 2015-16 school year we have the following bus/van routes:

1. Virginia - van #218-780-8667
2. Lake/Tower - bus #218-780-0292
3. Ely/Winton/Zups - van #218-780-8707
4. Outside Ely/Holiday - van #218-780-4921
5. Country Route (Embarrass/Babbitt/etc) - van #218-780-4084

With winter coming, please make sure that students are at an accessible place since some driveways become impassable for small vans. Students are expected to be ready for the vehicle and drivers will not wait more than two minutes before going on to the next stop.

In case of emergencies/changes of plan, please call the vehicle driver by 6am if a pickup is not required. Even if the driver doesn't answer, please leave a message on the phone as drivers cannot answer while in motion.

Please keep in mind that students inside a 2mi radius are technically walkers, so transportation might not be available if students outside a 2mi radius need transportation.

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