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Why is attendance important?

Well there's a lot of information and research done on attendance, but the short answer is that students can't get the amount of learning they really need when they aren't at school. Daily attendance is necessary and according to MN law, truancy can lead to legal action particularly with students under the age of 13 as parents are still directly liable for seeing their students get to school. VCS will follow up with cases where students aren't attending and will follow proper procedures as required by the state.

Some tips for students having difficulty attending school on time:
1. Make sure you get to bed at a good time (for most secondary students that means no later than 10pm).
2. Create a routine that you follow each morning to make sure you're on time and prepared for class.
3. Make sure you set a wakeup time and stick to it, if you know you need to be up at 6:30am to make the 7:10 bus, then don't set your alarm for 7:05 thinking you'll make it.
4. If there are outside factors going on, please consult your advisor for advice on how best to approach a solution.
5. Realize that going to school is actually in your benefit and while everyone has bad days, learning responsibility and resiliency are key traits for being successful later in life.

JMC Parent Portal

The address to get into JMC parent portal is:

Passwords are sent to parents separately, if you do not have one, please contact the front office for assistance.

 The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives. 

- Robert M. Hutchins

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