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List of Supporters

VCS thanks the following supporters:

Gold Brick Buyers ($500.00 or more)

* indicates donation of more than one brick

++ indicates donation of $500 or more

Richard Helmberger
Patricia Helmberger
Tom and Renee Aro
Theano Sigford
David and Joyce Bixler
Brian Murphy
Robert and Bob Tammen
St. James Presbyterian Church
Breitung Township
Lake Vermilion Chamber Of Commerce
Jeff and Kathryn Lovgren
Pam Turner- in memory of Patricia Gawboy
Jodi Summit
Marshall Helmberger
Max Helmberger
Ann Nevin- in memory of Eileen Nevin, former school secretary at the Soudan School
Ann and Lon Lamppa
Ann Flannagan
Corrine and Dan Hill
Ken, Amy, Paige and Jessie Hinkel*
Mary Ann Rot
Elaine and Dennis Passi
George Stefanich*
William and Sherry Evans*
Patricia Helmberger++
Como Oil & Propane*
Paul and Carol Knuti
Margaret Stefanich
Sandy's Travel Service*
Dennis and Audrey Peterson
Richard and Nancy Larson
Rebecca and Jim Gawboy* in honor of E.B and Sulo Holm
Walt and Marcie Moe*
Tom and Renee Aro++
Robert and Joan Wilson*
Theano Sigford++
Frandsen Bank and Trust*
Doug and Denesse Johnson*
Ron and Sue Norha*
Tower-Soudan Agency*
David and Joyce Bixler++
Hazel Quick
Marian Zaudtke*
Muriel and William Scott
Patti Morley*
Greg and Joan Dostert*
Wesley Anderson*
Linda, Scott and Wilson Keith*
Daryl and Cheryl Lamppa
Mary Shedd and Steve Wilson*
Julie and John Suikhonen
Brian Murphy++
Tom and Katy Mayo
George and Jan Brown*
Emanuel and Judy Sunsdahl*
Stan and Toni Petroskey*
Robert Desannoy- in memory of Julia M. Desannoy, former teacher at Tower-Soudan High School
Sandra Coughlin-Desannoy- In memory of R. Terry Brownell, former superintendent at Tower-Soudan
Jamie and Patti Quick
Jackie Kangas*- in memory of Laura Kangas
Jay and Mary Jo Wiermaa
William and Karen Majerle
Thomas and Judith Heinowski*
Herb and Edna Lamppa*
Barbara Amram
Richard Helmberger++
Karen Krebsbach
Sande Knowles*- in honor of Dr. C. Gordon Watson and Chuck Watson
Sheldon and Robin Majerle*
Align Builders
Leonard Stefanich
Marilyn Turnbull
Chris and Bruce Schuster*
Richard and Kay Hanson
Marian Greene
Scott T. Williams*
Mark and Miley Mayne
Joseph and Vlasta Skala*- in memory of Marlene Skala, former teacher at Tower-Soudan
Zupancich Brothers of Ely*
Tower Firemen's Relief Association*
Steve and Barbara Burgess in memory of Laurene "Rena" Kregness and Fanny Torkko Branwall
Franklin and Jorgine Gornick* in memory of Laurene "Rena" Kregness and Fanny Torkko Branwall
Paulene Housenga
Gladys and William Rusch*
Kugler Township*
Anonymous* in memory of Lorayne McGillivray Dasovic, teacher in Soudan
Carol Tuominen
Good Ol' Days*
Edward and Judith Majerle
Breitung Township++
William and Diane Meehan
Karen Hill
St. James Presbyterian Church++
June Larson* in memory of Dick Larson, former TS School Custodian
American Legion, Nelson-Jackson Post*
Barbara Rodorigo
Robert and Carol Pratt
Virgil and Peggy Syverson in honor of Brandon and Alex Johnson
Jacqueline Nelson in honor of Jim Nelson
Shaun and Sarah Myre
William and Elaine Worringer
Ida Rukavina and Jesse Dahl*
Linda Johnson Tezak* in honor of uncles Ron, Bob and Tony Pecha
Christine Friedlieb
Van Air*
George Stefanich* in memory of Father George Klepec and John & Helen Stefanich
John and Mary Ellen Olson*
Robert and Bob Tammen++
Lee and Greta Tuominen
Cathy Wright
Nan Stubenvoll
Greg and Joan Dostert*
Frances and Jacob Silverberg*
Lolita Schnitzius
Mary and Alex Batinich*
Joseph Yapel* in honor of Cheryl Yapel
Corinne Bonicatto
Theano Sigford++
David Desannoy*
Alice Arola*
Bette Dolinar
Doug Wallace and Peggy Hunter
Richard Peyla
Vaughn Van Der Heyden
Birch Point Marine
Charles Morcom
Judith and Robert Syrjanen
Walter and Ruth Aronson
Russel and Carol Michalek
Rosemary and Alfred Mazion
Gary and Roberta Skogman
Jacqueline Kangas*
Roger and Barbara Rinne
Jeffrey and Kathryn Lovgren++
Frederick and Kirsten Reichel
Ben and Doris Mosher
John and Amy Holm*
Caseys Guide Service
Mark and Cindy Zollar
Vermilion Club*
Golden Horizons Assisted Living*
Steve and Lelu Zaudtke* in honor of Marvin Zaudtke
Dorothy Vesel
Judi Anderson in memory of Gary Anderson
Bruce and Kathy Carlson
Nancy and Timothy Kotzian*
Jordan Kotzian
Bois Forte Tribal Council*
John Milbridge
Nate and Shara Dostert
Pam Moraski
John and Tuulikki Sinks*
Pam Turner++ in memory of Patricia Gawboy
John Kauppila
John Dennis Baucom++ in memory of Barbara Jean Baucom
Marcia Phillips
Basswood Trails Guide Services
Playhouse Daycare
Ely Subway
Dorothy Molter Museum
Good Ol' Days
Brenda & Karel Winklaar
Sulu's Cafe

 Education is all a matter of building bridges. 

- Ralph Ellison

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