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The school maintains records for school use including temporary data, permanent record data, and IEP data. If at any point parents have a question regarding records kept by the school, please contact the front office or the school administrator.


Unofficial transcripts are available through JMC by printing out report cards or through the office which can be emailed upon request.

Official transcripts for college/work purposes can be obtained through the office. Two copies are provided upon graduation and a third can be requested for no charge. However, after three copies, there is a $3 fee for each successive transcript requested. Completed transcripts will be available for pickup in the office, VCS will not mail out transcripts unless there is an extenuating circumstance. For further questions, please contact the office.


For those choosing to transfer out of VCS, the school requires a records request from the school that the student will be transferring to. Typically we get these requests once enrollment paperwork has been filed at the next school. Records are sent direct from school to school, VCS does not release records into parent custody. A copy of records can be obtained upon request if needed (ie: homeschool purposes, etc).

All fees, lunch accounts, and supplies/technology need to be settled upon transfer. Any outstanding debts will be filed with the school's collections agency if not resolved in a timely manner.

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