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Overview of Student Records

There are a multitude of regulations regarding student records since they are considered private data. The major data privacy laws in essence state that the school cannot release identifiable information about a student except in certain cases. Some of these cases include transfer requests to other schools and releasing transcript information to colleges. The school holds data privacy in the highest regard and might deny releasing records in cases where the requestor is of an uncertain authority (ie: non-custodial parent, non-immediate family member, family friend, etc). For any questions on this, please contact the student's advisor or the school administrator.


Unofficial transcripts are an easy thing for advisors to supply to parents as long as the parent has an email address to send the document to. An unofficial transcript is usually sufficient for driver's license applications and other similar requests. However, colleges often want official copies from the school and this can be in a variety of forms:

1. Electronically sent from the school (some colleges will accept this)
2. Electronic submission databases like SendEDU or Parchment
3. Physically mailed copies stamped and sealed by the school (all colleges will accept this).

For the sake of cost and speed, we highly recommend sending transcripts by the first two methods before resorting to method number three. It takes advisors quite a while to prepare official transcripts in paper form. Once prepared, the official transcripts will be available for pickup at the school, the school will NOT mail out transcripts for parents. The school will print/prepare the first three transcripts for free but each transcript beyond the first three will cost $2 per transcript to be paid in advance before the transcripts will be prepared.

For electronic submissions, please have the email address of the admissions office of the college available to help speed along the request or in the case of SendEDU, please send the advisor the link that SendEDU generates so they can access the request. There is no cost for electronic submissions.

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